ITTF World Tour Platinum, Australian Open 2017 | Table Tennis

Manika Batra at ITTF World Platinum Tour Australian Open

ITTF World Tour Platinum, Australian Open 2017 was held in Gold Coast from Tuesday 4th July to Friday 7th July, whereas the qualifications were commenced on 2nd & 3rd July respectively.

Eight Indian paddlers took part in four events (Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles & Women’s Doubles).

Indian Result at ITTF World Tour Platinum, Australian Open 2017

Player / Pair Evant Group Stages Round Of 16 Quarter FInal Semi Final
DESAI Harmeet Men’s Singles 1. R.Gavin (SCO) 4-0
2. L.Richard (AUS) 4-0
Loss – (4-0)
SHETTY Sanil Men’s Singles 1. XU Fred (AUS) 4-1
2. OLAH Benedek (FIN) 4-1
JANG Woojin (KOR)
Win – (4-2)
CHO Seungmin (KOR)
Lost – (0-4)
GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan Men’s Singles 1. Yu Clarence(SGP) 4-1
2. T. Benjamin(AUS) 4-0
Chien-An (TPE)
Win – (4-2)
Lost – (3-4)
ANTHONY Amalraj Men’s Singles 1. KIM Minhyeok (KOR) 4-0
LYU Zhe(AUS) 4-0

3. HUANG Sida(AUS) 4-0
Loss – (3-4)
Pooja SAHASRABUDHE Women’s Singles 1. WANG Manyu (CHN) 0-4
2. Danni-Elle (AUS) 4-0
Sutirtha MUKHERJEE Women’s Singles 1. ZHOU Yihan(SGP) 1-4
2. KAUR Parleen (AUS) 4-0
Madhurika PATKAR Women’s Singles 1. CHEN Xingtong (CHN) 0-4
2. HUANG Hsin (TPE) 2-4
BATRA Manika Women’s Singles 1. LEE Eunhye(KOR) 0-4
2. CHIU Ssu-Hua(TPE) 3-4
ANTHONY Amalraj / DESAI Harmeet Men’s Doubles Chien/Hung-Chieh (TPE)
Loss – (2-3)
GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan / SHETTY Sanil Men’s Doubles David /Kane(AUS)
Win – (3-1)
Lost – (2-3)
MUKHERJEE Sutirtha / S.Pooja Women’s Doubles Szu-Yu/Ching(TPE)
Win – (WO)
Fang/ Miao(AUS)
Win – (3-1)
Loss – (0-3)
BATRA Manika / PATKAR Madhurika Women’s Doubles HAYATA /ITO(JPN)
Loss – (1-3)

  • Men’s Singles

Sanil Shetty made it to the quarter-final stage of Australian Open in men’s singles category after defeating JANG Woojin of korea in the Round of 16. Earlier, he topped the group stage by beating XU Fred (Australia) OLAH Benedek (Finland). 

Shetty’s impressive run was dismissed by CHO Seungmin of korea in the last 8 stage.

Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, another name who impressed in the tournament after he qualified for quarter-final stage, getting the better of Chien-An (Chinese Taipei) in the knockout round.

However, he was not lucky enough to make it into the semi-final as he lost a nail-biting contest to GAUZY Simon of France by 3-4. In the group stages, he defeated Yu Clarence (Singapore) T. Benjamin (Australia). 

Harmeet Desai, lost his QF match to Japan’s YOSHIMURA by 0-4 in a single sided affair. During group rubbers, he beat R.Gavin (Scotland) &  L.Richard (Australia).

Another Indian in the men’s singles category, Amalraj Anthony lost a close contest to OSHIMA Yuya of Japan by 3-4 & failed to advance in the tournament. Earlier, he finished the group on top by crushing past KIM Minhyeok (korea), LYU Zhe & HUANG Sida (Australia). 

  • Women’s Singles :

Not a single Indian women table tennis player was able to qualify for the knockout stages as all of them had to face defeat in their respective group matches.

Pooja SAHASRABUDHE won one & lost one rubber in her group. She was totally dominated by her Chinese opponent WANG Manyu, while she easily cruised past Danni-Elle (Aus) but failed to make the cut.

Sutirtha MUKHERJEE was defeated by her Singapore’s opponent ZHOU Yihan by 1-4 but she easily got the better of KAUR Parleen (Aus) by 4-0.

Madhurika PATKAR & Manika Batra both lost their all group matches to their respective opponents & in result were knocked out of the tournament with no win to their names.

  • Men’s Doubles :

The Indian duo of GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan / SHETTY Sanil knocked out David /Kane(AUS) by 3-1 to reach Quarter-final stage where they gave a good fight to Japanese pair of UEDA/Maharu but ended up on losing side by 2-3.

Another pair of ANTHONY Amalraj / DESAI Harmeet, lost their first fixure to Chien/Hung-Chieh (Chinese Taipei) & crashed out of the tournament.

  • Women’s Doubles :

Indian women’s pair of MUKHERJEE Sutirtha / S.Pooja made quite a sensation after storming into semi-finals stage of World Tour Platinum where they were finally defeated by Chinese heavyweights of CHEN/Yuling by 0-3.

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The Indian pair knocked out Australian pair of Fang/ Miao by 3-1, where as they got a Walkover in first round by Szu-Yu/Ching(TPE). 

BATRA Manika / PATKAR Madhurika failed to improve their performance & lost their way to Japanese duo of HAYATA /ITO in the first round.