India at IWF World Weightlifting Championships 2017

The 2017 World Weightlifting Championships were held in Anaheim, United States from 28 November to 5 December 2017 where eight Indians participated in eight different categories (5 men & 3 women).

Mirabai Chanu Saikhom remained the bright prospect for the country as she won India’s first ever Gold medal in World Weightlifting Championships. In addition to that, she also broke the national record with her incredible performance.

India at 2017 World Weightlifting Championships, Anaheim (United States) :

Player Catageory Date Entry Weight (Rank) Snatch Clean & Jerk Total Rank / Medal
Sanjita Chanu Women 53kg B 29.11.2017 190 (15) 77 100 177 5th in group B , 13 Overall
MIRABAI Chanu Saikhom Women 48kg A 29.11.2017 195 (1st) 85 – Silver Medal 109 – Gold Medal 194 – Gold Medal Snatch – Silver
C&J – Gold
Total – Gold
Punam YADAV Women 69kg B 01.12.2017 220 (12) 98 120 218 1st in Group B , 9 Overall
Sathish Kumar Men 77kg B 01.12.2017 330 (15) 148 180 328 2nd in Group B, 9 Overall
Venkat Rahul Men 85kg B 02.12.2017 350 (15) 150 191 341 1st in Group B , 9 Overall
Vikas THAKUR Men 94kg B 03.12.2017 355 (15) 155 196 351 4th in Group B , 12 Overall
PARDEEP Singh Men 105kg B 04.12.2017 340 (24) 153 196 349 19th overall
GURDEEP Singh Men +105kg B 05.12.2017 370 (17) 172 216. 388. 13th overall
  • Women’s 48kg category :

Mirabai Chnu became the new sensation for Indian weightlifting after clinching a Gold medal with the brilliant lift of 194kg. 

After a bad performance in Rio Olympics 2016,  Mirabai lifted 85kg in snatch and 109kg in clean & jerk for an overall total of 194kg to finish on top of the podium in women’s 48kg weight division.

Mirabai Chanu at World Weightlifting Championship

Sukcharoen took the silver with a total of 193 kg while Colombia’s Ana Iris Segura bagged the bronze with a total lift of 182 kg.

  • Women’s 53kg category :

Sanjita Chanu, finished with a low 13th position overall after lifting a total of 177kg  (77kg in Snatch & 100kg in C&J), participating in B group, she had a entry weight of 190 kg.

  • Women 69kg category :

Punam Yadav lifted 218kg overall to finish on top of the group B & 9th overall in 69kg category. In snatch, she recorded a lift of 98kg while in C&J she had the best of 120kg, making it a overall total of 218kg.

  • Men’s 77kg category :

Commonwealth Games champion Sathish kumar had a bad outing overall as he lifted two kg less from his entry weight. In snatch category, he managed to lift 148kg while in Clean & Jerk, he successfully lifted 180kg with the overall total of 328kg.

He finished 2nd in Group B while 9th overall in 77kg category.

  • Men’s 85kg category :

Venkat Rahul, who topped the Group B with the total lift of 341kg, failed to make any impact & concluded the championships with overall position of 9th. In snatch, he lifted 150kg while C&J he managed to lift 191kg to finish with the overall score of 341kg.

  • Men 94kg category :

Vikas Thakur conclude the World Championships with the lift of 351kg, which was good only to give him 4th place in Group B & 12th position overall.

  • Men’s 105kg category :

Pardeep Singh participating in 105kg category, finished 19th overall with the total lift of 349kg (153kg in Snatch & 196kg in C&J).


  •  Men’s +105kg category :

Gurdeep Singh, with the total lift of 388kg concluded the IWF World Weightlifting Championship with 13th position overall.