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10 Most unusual records held by teams and players Most unusual records held by teams and players

Cricket is a very unpredictable game, no one can predict what would happen during the course of the game. Numerous records are created and broken over and over again across all three formats of the game.

Stats and numbers keep pouring in and the statistician grinds his brain behind for the sake of the novices. Obviously, stats are very interesting and act as a fuel which keeps the interest of fans burning. But, sometimes stereotypes are broken and when it happens it amazes everyone.

There are some records which can make any cricket lover ponder over the fact that – is it really true? Yes, there are some unusual records held by teams and players. Let’s take a look at the 10 Most unexpected records in cricket:

1. – Forced to follow-on yet won

It has happened only on three occasions that a team which has enforced a follow- on the opposition and has lost the Test. And, Australia is the only team to have been at the receiving end on all the three occasions.

The first two times it happened against their arch-rivals England and the last time in 2001 versus India in the historic Kolkata Test. The visiting Australian team was a squad of legends but couldn’t stand the charge of the Indians at the Eden Gardens.

The Aussies have won the most number of Test matches and also has the highest winning percentage in Test cricket. One of the most dominant teams to have ever played the game have this unplesant record by thier name.

2. Rahul Dravid “The Wall” – Getting bowled most times in Tests

The ‘Wall’ Rahul Dravid will always be remembered for his solid batting technique. His defence was among the toughest to breach for the best and fastest bowlers of the game.

However, just like every precious thing loses its shine after a while; Rahul also lost his charms at the twilight of his glorious 16-year international career.

He holds the record of getting out bowled in Tests for the most number of times. He was clean bowled 55 times during his career. In the last 13 innings of his career, Dravid was bowled 9 times and it was the one major aspect that dragged him into the retirement decision.



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