Archery World Cup: Indian Men Compound Team strikes “GOLD”

Archery World cup

Indian Compound Team won the first medal for India in the Archery World Cup Stage-1, Shanghai by wining the intense & close fought Final to bag the Gold. 

Indian team comprising of Abhishek Verma, Chinna Raju & Amanjeet Singh didn’t disappoint as they defeat their opponents Columbia in the final by 226-221 to strike the gold.

Columbia defeated France by 231-229 in the semis while India got the better of 1st seed U.S.A in semis by 232-230 to book their place in finals. Both the teams were high in confidence but it was India who came as a favourite for the finals .

The first set was closely won by Indian team by just one point, the scores were 58-57. In the second set Colombians tried to come back in the match but the last arrow of the Indian archer Abhishek Sharma struck 10, India won the 2nd set by 3 points of lead.

3rd set saw India maintaining their previous set lead after both the team scored just 52 points each in third set, India went into 4th set with a comfortable 3 points lead.

Indian team managed to turn the lead of 3 points into 4 to ensure themselves a “Gold” by hitting 4 times at 10 to put Columbia in immense pressure . India won the match & gold by 226-221.

Indian Mix Compound Team will take on U.S.A for the Bronze later today at Archery World Cup.

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