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“Lean & Mean Davinder Singh all set to become World Leader” – Interview with Javelin Star“Lean & Mean Davinder Singh all set to become World Leader” – Interview with Javelin Star

Indian athletes are ready to showcase their skills at 16th edition of the marquee event starting in London from 4th August. Second, only to the Olympics World Athletics Championship would be a great platform for Indian participants & who knows which athlete can surprise !!  

As Indian contingent fly to London, Sports Talk24 had a privilege to speak to India’s one of the best bet in Javelin Throw at World Championship, Asian medallist “Davinder Singh kang” also known as “King Kang”.

Davinder Singh recently won a Bronze at Asian Championship & smashed a record at Federation Cup by throwing a massive throw of above 80m. But the things to look out is he did all this with an “Injured Shoulder”, Yes  King kang was suffering from a swollen shoulder & despite the pain, he was able to gave a splendid performance over last few months.

Interview of Davinder Singh (Asian Medallist in Javelin Throw)

– by Sidharth Sharma (Correspondent of Sports Talk24)

Q-How will you mark your recent performance at Asian Championship ?

I am fully satisfied with my performance at Asian Championship, I am still suffering with an injury on my right shoulder & despite so much pain throwing 80+ and winning medal for India makes it a special performance for me.

Q- If you had so many injury concerns, you could have skipped the event like many Chinese & Big players did.

Yes I could have, but I had so much confidence in me, people may call it “ego” but I had to show my hardwork that I am doing from last year & I haven’t left the field from last Diwali. Hopefully, there will be a huge surprise in this World Championship from my side.

Q-What latest adjustments you have done to your technique which will help you in World Championship ?

Firstly, I have worked on my body weight, I was nearly 110 kg last year & I cut it off to 82-85 kg now. I can even beat some best jumpers & sprinters while being in my best shape.

Q- What target you are eyeing for your future tournaments ?

I have thrown 80+ massive number of times now & the target would be to achieve 90+ & become a World Leader, getting there is on my cards, People call me “mad”, that I keeps on talking but they would see when my hardwork will payoff !

Q- Do  you currently have a sponsor if not how do you manage your game?

Every Indian athlete goes through the same problem, I have no sponsor, no dietician, have to borrow my supplements from a local Patiala shop. I have taken loan too for my game, which I am paying through my salary. Having a sponsor helps a lot but you have to work hard for finding one & I am doing so.   

Q-Tell us something about Neeraj and how you guys gel together? Also, how do you encourage each other to perform better at world stage

There is a good competition between me & Neeraj, he is an inspiratons for all, coming from a farmer’s family, he showed there is so much talent in India. We had very less chances to train with each other this year but when we do, we push each other for better performances.

Q- So let`s start from the beginning of your life, Loads of readers will love to know about your initiation to athletics and javelin in particular?

I was a kabaddi player initially & while playing in the ground, I saw the game & requested my principal to give me a chance & let me throw the javelin once. He agreed & I burst up the 50m mark on my first attempt which led to my initiation in Javelin Throw.

Q-Tell us more about how your junior career, how it all started, how it propelled you to who you are today?

There is nothing much to recall about my Junior career, had some injury problems during my school days but the admission in Jalandhar Sports School made some improvements in my game & I started to throw 68-69m before joining Army.

Q: Has your family been supportive towards your passion? Tell us about the kind of sacrifices they made to bring you where you are today?

Family was always there to support me, they never oppose but I still remember an incident when I had to face injury in my 10th class & I was bed rested for 6-7 months making it difficult for me to even stand, that was the point where my mother burst up into tears & made a objection about my  game.  

Q: As an athlete, your training schedule is intense and varied. How have you managed to stay on track while balancing all your commitments?

“To achieve something, you have to loose something”, my normal life was ended when I took up the sport. Desi Food transformed into Boiled vegetables, previously I used to go to movie theatres but now all I have is my phone to watch the movies, that too when I have some little time over my tight training schedule.

Q-Given we do possess state of the art infrastructure and Indian fans are always drawn to superstars, Do you see either a IPL like league for athletics or a Diamond League leg at India? A Bolt and an Amiya Mullick in the same team or a Mo Farah and Govindan Laxmanan match up will find its domestic audience.

There was a Indian Athlete League in the calendar year of 2015 I guess, many players were excited about the league but we had no response to the things. Definitely, leagues like this should be there, would be revoulationery change for Indian athletics as players will compete with the best more often.

Q-What`s good about sports in India and where can we improve?

Three Indians have qualified for Javelin Throw this time in World Championships, which is historical for India & we have done well in Parlympics too which shows there is extreme talent in the nation & the future is extremely bright for India. Hopefully, we would be like Germany in Javelin Throw in upcoming years.

Q: What advice would you like to give for parents and school teachers for sports development in a child`s life

 I just would like to say the parents that “Believe your Child & motivate him”, in individual sports you have to back the player & in that case parents & schools play a major role.  

Q- So, getting more personal with you can, we would like to know if the King kang is single or what are your plans for marriage in the future ?

Well, there is no such plans for marriage as I am totally focused towards my goals & so there is no place of marriage for me for some time.

Q: Where do you see India at Tokyo and beyond?

There would be definitely two medals in Javelin Throw for India at Tokyo Olympics, Neeraj Chopra is extremely good & would assured India a medal in Tokyo Olympics. I am looking forward for my performance too & hopefully would make the ntion proud with my performance.

We wish you Good Luck for your Upcoming Championship in London,Tokyo & beyond. May you win medals for nation & make us proud.

We would like to thank you from our Sports Talk24 & Sports India Team.  

Davinder – One thing I would specially like to say that we have our Facebook Page named “Indian Javelin” & Request people to like it, We’ve worked very hard towards it and you’ll get to know how we’ve levelled up & bettering our performance.

We need support.

NOTE to viewers:-Do like The page of Indian Javelin Team, they are about to launch an initiative called “Unified fastest Arm: Search for next Javelin Superstar” . It is being organized in association with CoachKhoj and Turbojav. It is in the initial stage of gathering sponsorship so they need your support. The inititiative will target the grass root development of Javelin. Stay tuned for more updates on Indian javelin Team page, Sports India & Sports Talk24.


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