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Pro Kabaddi League : Nitin Tomar becomes most expensive player of PKL, Pakistan players go unsold Kabaddi League : Nitin Tomar becomes most expensive player of PKL, Pakistan players go unsold

Auction of Indian Pro Kabaddi league comes to an end with a big surprise as Nitin Tomar becomes the most expensive player in History of Pro Kabaddi League after he was sold for whooping amount of Rs.93 Lakhs to Team UP.

Rohit kumar, becomes the 2nd most valuable player after he was sold to Bengaluru Bulls for Rs 81 Lakhs. However, there was a little confusion as Patna Pirates were claiming they raised their bate.

Three Pakistan’s players were up for Auction but no one showed interest in them & all of them went unsold. Clearly, the disputes between India-Pakistan has taken the route for sports too after India’s Sport Minister Vijay Goel clearly said that “Terrorism & Sports can’t go together” .

Pro kabaddi League : Jang kun Lee becomes the most valuable international player at Rs 80 Lakhs

Meanwhile, Jang Kun Lee of korea becomes the most expensive Foreign player in Pro Kabaddi History . He was retained by Bengal Warriors & according to the Dynamic Pricing, he surpassed many Indian players with a amount of Rs 80 Lakh.

Top 5 Buys :

Name Team Amount
Nitin Tomar Team UP 93 Lakhs
Rohit kumar Bengaluru Bulls 81 Lakhs
Manjeet Chillar Jaipur Pink Panthers 75.5 Lakhs
Surjeet Singh Bengal Warriors 73 Lakhs
K. Selvamani Jaipur Pink Panthers 73 Lakhs

List of all players sold on Day 1 :


Jang Kun Lee (Republic of Korea)- Retained

 Ran Singh- 47.50 lakhs

Surjeet- 73 lakhs


Ashish Kumar- Retained

Ravinder Pahal- 50 lakhsPahal- 50 lakhs

Ajay- 48.5 lakhs

Rohit Kumar- 81 lakhs


Meraj Sheykh (Iran)- RetainedSheykh (Iran)- Retained

Abolfazel Maghsodlo (Iran)- 31.8 lakhs

Nilesh Shinde- 35.50 lakhs

Ravi Dalal- 20 lakhs


Manjeet Chhillar- 75.50 lakhs

Jasvir Singh- 51 lakhs

Selvamani- 73 lakhs


Pardeep Narwal- Retained

Mohammad Maghsoudlou (Iran)- 8 lakhs

Vishal Mane- Patna Pirates- 36.50 lakhs

Sachin Shingade- Patna Pirates- 42.50 lakhsShingade- Patna Pirates- 42.50 lakhs

Monu Goyat- Patna Pirates- 44.50 lakhsGoyat- Patna Pirates- 44.50 lakhs


Deepak Hooda- Retained

Ziaur Rahman (Bangladesh)- 16.6 lakhs

Takamitsu Kono (Japan)- 8 lakhs

Sandeep Narwal- 66 lakhs

Girish Ernak- 33.50 lakhs

Dharmaraj Cheralathan- 46 lakhs

Rajesh Mondal- 42 lakhs


Rahul Chaudhari- Retained

Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan (Iran)- 29 lakhs

Rakesh Kumar- 45 lakhs

Rohit Rana- 27.50 lakhs


Anup Kumar- Retained

Hadi Oshtorak (Iran)- 18.6 lakhs

Yongjoo Ok (Republic of Korea)- 8.1 lakhs

Dongju Hong (Republic of Korea)- 20 lakhs

Kuldeep Singh- 51.50 lakhs

Joginder Singh Narwal- 32 lakhs

Kashiling Adake- 48 lakhs

Nitin Madane- 8.50 lakhsMadane- 8.50 lakhs

Shabeer Bapu- 45 lakhs


Fazel Atrachali (Iran)- Priority PickAtrachali (Iran)- Priority Pick

Abozar Mohajermighani (Iran) – 50 lakhs

Sukesh Hegde- 31.50 lakhs


Surender Nada- Priority Pick

Khomsan Thongkham (Thailand)- 20.4 lakhs

Mohit Chhillar- 46.50 lakhs

Sonu Narwal- 21 lakhs

Surjeet Singh- 42.50 lakhs


Ajay Thakur- Priority Pick

Anil Kumar- 25.50 lakhs

Amit Hooda- 63 lakhs


Sulieman Kabir (Bangladesh)- 12.6 lakhs

Rajesh Narwal- 69 lakhs

Jeeva Kumar- 52 lakhs

Nitin Tomar- 93 lakhs

Rishank Devadiga- 45.50 lakhs


Day 2 of Auction of Pro Kabaddi League will get underway on Tuesday, 23rd May !!


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