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WATCH : Video of “Deadliest Crashes” in the History of Formula One

2. Michael Schumacher and Luciano Burti (2001, German Grand Prix, Hockenholm)

Now this one’s not making the list only because it’s Schumacher. The accident was actually severe and kept the world guessing for quite sometime. Things went haywire as soon as the race started – Schumacher had problems with his car’s gears. And he chose to slow down. Luciano Burti, who was trailing behind, didn’t slow down and rammed into Schumacher’s car and flew up. It then landed on Enrique Bernoldi’s car. Thankfully no one was hurt & one of the best driver remains safe.

3. Mark Webber (2010, European Grand Prix, Valencia)

Ninth lap, turn number 13, and the car is in full speed. Webber is going on full speed. He eventually rams into the car of Heiki Kovalainen. As a result of this, Webber’s car went up in the air and made the came crashing down, upside down. In the end, nothing major happened. To everyone’s surprise, Webber came out of the car unhurt. This accident actually established how technology had progressed by leaps and bounds in the Formula One.

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