Asian Games first took place in Bali in Indonesia in 2008 before going to Oman’s capital Muscat in 2010, Chinese city Haiyang in 2012 and Phuket in Thailand in 2014.

India’s capital New Delhi had been mooted as an Asian Games host in 2019 following the withdrawal of initial hosts Hanoi.

But this did not ultimately materialise as Jakarta in Indonesia was instead chosen for an event which reverted back to its initial year of 2018.

Hangzhou in China has already been named host of the 2022 Games, while Aichi and Nagoya in Japan will be the location for the 2026 edition.

New Delhi hosted the inaugural Asian Games in 1951 as well as the 1982 edition.

But the city is still in the process of restoring its reputation after a 2010 Commonwealth Games dogged by poor facilities and corruption scandals.