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Lewis Hamilton : F1 needs more challenging circuits like Donington Park

http://sportstalk24.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Lewis-Hamilton-628284.jpgLewis Hamilton : F1 needs more challenging circuits like Donington Park

According to reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 needs more of the Donington Park circuits as it contains more challenges that are “way harder than all the corners in F1”

Lewis Hamilton said that the Donington Park circuit he raced on during his junior single-seater career had more challenges & Formula 1 should have this type of difficulty in all the circuits.

Formula 1 is currently investigating whether grand prix circuits need to change to improve the quality of racing & this project is well placed under the command of F1’s new managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn.

Hamilton believes FIA is doing a decent job but the tracks should be more challenging to the drivers, arguing the proliferation of run-off areas on modern circuits has made them too easy to drive, which reduces the chances of drivers making mistakes.

“The FIA have done an amazing job, but they’ve really got to stop with these run-off areas – you shouldn’t be able to cut a corner like you see [drivers doing],” Hamilton said.

“What I love about the olden days – of course you don’t want to crash, but if you go wide you’ve got to lose time.

“Now you can approach a corner knowing that if you go in 5% too much you can go wide and come back on. I don’t love that.

“I used to love Oulton Park and Donington. Donington, Old Hairpin was a nightmare – you have to come off the brakes and run the speed in, use the downforce.

Formula one circuit

“Then up the hill and the second right before the back straight – you can’t even see the white line. There is white line and then gravel and the gravel sucks you off.

“Oh man! Finding the limit there, that corner is way harder than all the corners in F1.

“Coppice. That’s the sort of corner F1 is missing. If we had that back in F1, it would bring another level to the challenge.”

For Hamilton particular parts of Austin, Silverstone, Spa and Suzuka was his favourite corners to drive in 2017’s F1 cars, because of their enhanced aerodynamics and greater speed and grip.

“The high-speed corners this year have been, phwoar!” Hamilton added.

“Pouhon at Spa; the best corners of the season are generally Austin [Turns] 3-4-5-6-7 – they are awesome.

“Silverstone, Copse and then Maggotts and Becketts; Suzuka Esses – they are the special ones.

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“For some reason Austin is the best set-up because there are different lines you can take within that.

“Suzuka it is very hard to have a different line and race. That’s why I love Austin. It’s one of my favourite tracks, actually, and I don’t like new tracks usually.”


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